Balia Garden Villa, a subtle mix of Tropical Chic, a concept where modernity and precise lines are combined with the warmth of colours and materials.
The peculiarity of Balia Garden Villa is to combine space, beautiful volumes, great functionality and privacy. 
We wanted this project to be convivial, a cordial place for residence or vacation, so we have integrated a restaurant-swimming pool area, also open to the public, a yoga area in lush greenery and a spa for your well-being.


Warm and trendy colors support the modern lines of the architecture, in order to integrate a tropical note in this project. The concept of "indoor-outdoor" is very present with large sliding picture windows that let the garden come inside.

The objects and the different materials chosen add a very mixed style to the decoration that we wanted to be uncluttered so that you can make the place your own.

Bali is an incredible source of inspiration.

Balia Garden Villa wished to share with you the artistic and artisanal know-how of the Island of the Gods, by erecting at the entrance of the complex a majestic door finely carved in "lava stone", and by disseminating statues and objects on the outskirts of the surrounding forest relating to the daily life of Balinese life.


Balia Garden Villa is a concept of autonomous houses, developed with respect for the environment by using an Eco-responsible architecture and limiting energy losses as much as possible. Green roofs, double glazing, solar studies and solar panels bear witness to our environmental but also socio-cultural values.


Bali, also known as the « Island of the Gods », is an mesmerising, welcoming island, that seduces you with its natural beauty, from its volcanoes to its incredible rice fields.
Ranked as the world’s 4th top travel destination, Bali enchants with the smiles of its people, with its colourful ceremonies... an art of living unlike any other place…
Also popular for its surf spots, its "trendy" side, shopping, restaurants offering international cuisine, its lively nightlife, this surprising island will charm you endlessly.