What is a LEASEHOLD?

Our villas are secured under an Indonesian holding company, PT PMA Balia Garden Villaof which we are the sole owners.

In terms of acquisition, the process is simple: at a local notary (ours is bilingual English).
Notary fees: 2.5% of the price of the property.

In Indonesia, the acquisition takes place in 2 forms:

- FREEHOLD reserved for Indonesians, an acquisition like in Europe, for life.

-LEASEHOLD for foreigners which is in fact a fixed-term lease system,

The duration of the leaseholds that we offer you is: 25 years / 45 years / 90 years.

In Bali the custom is 25 years renewable.

In leasehold, you are the legal owner of the property for the duration of the contract under a notarial deed in your own name or under a company. The leasehold is transferred to the heirs automatically. No inheritance tax to pay.
No Indonesian is required in the middle of this "Sponsor, Nominee, etc ..." transaction.

The contract does not start until the keys are handed over. During this period, you are at home, and have the right to pass (resell) your contract to another purchaser without further authorization, less the years already spent in the premises, (except for 90 years old).

It is possible at any time to redeem years of time per 5 years , at the beginning, in the middle of the Balia adventure. Only on the value of the land.