A subtle mix of Tropical Chic, a concept where modernity and precise lines are combined with the warmth of colours and materials.

A complex of 21 villas and 17 lofts, on the hillside, sea view, nestled in the middle of coconut trees, and a teak forest, unique in the north of Bali by its spaces, the quality of its services such as its restaurant , its spa, its yoga retreat and its concierge.

Construction will begin first quarter of 2023

Balia Garden Villa is a 3.7 hectare project that will take place in 2 phases.

The first phase is the one which, upon entering the complex, you will see its reception-concierge, whose building sets the tone and the essence of the project with its clean lines.

A little further, on the hillside, you will find its Balia Spa, its Balia Yoga area and its "Blue Cactus Restaurant"with an infinity pool.  

Dotted here and there, 8 villas named after tropical plants, Hibiscus 1 bedroom, Sikas 2 bedrooms, Bougainville 3 bedrooms and the very beautiful and elegant Orchidée 4 bedrooms

You will also be able to discover our smaller units which remain however very spacious (from 72 to 100m2) with our 10 Lofts, which are spread out around a communal swimming pool, unlike the villas which all have a private swimming pool. 

The second phase will be composed of:

5 Sikas 2 bedrooms villas.

6 Bougainville villas 3 bedrooms.

2 Orchidée villas 4 bedrooms.

7 sea view lofts.  

Balia Garden Villa is a concept of independent houses, developed with respect for the environment by using an Eco-responsible architecture and limiting energy losses as much as possible:

• Green roofs

• Double glazing

• Sunshine studies

• Solar panels

bear witness to our environmental but also socio-cultural values. 

We wanted this project to be convivial, a nice place for a residence or a comfortable and practical vacation. To do this, we have thought of a secure storage space in each villa and loft, so that you can store your personal effects when traveling if you wish to rent your property.  

The peculiarity of Balia Garden Villa is to combine space, volumes, quality services, functionality while maintaining privacy and charm.  

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First luxury residence complex in Lovina

The booming North of Bali offers great opportunities, unlike the saturated South real estate market which cannot offer you beautiful spaces, quality products at reasonable prices. 

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